Understandably, life after college is consumed by your current career path and goals. It is the hope of the Epsilon Rho Chapter, that by diligently working and communicating with alumni in the Tampa Bay area, we can reacquaint those who have lost touch with the outstanding organization that is, Delta Sigma Pi. As alumni, your life experiences, in and out of your career, will help to develop current collegiate brothers into knowledgeable, charismatic business leaders. As alumni, involvement is beneficial in your own development as well. Involvement in local chapters as alumni will lead to networking with other alumni in the area, creating new brotherhood, and rediscovering the many special benefits of Delta Sigma Pi you were so fond of within your own collegiate chapter.

Involvement as alumni does not have to be extensive. With job responsibilities, families, and possible community leadership positions, many Deltasigs continue to remain ambitious after graduation. Therefore, it is my hope that alumni will give in any way they can, big or small. As alumni, you can get involved with the Epsilon Rho chapter at the University of Tampa in the following ways:

         • Attend collegiate chapter meetings and initiation

         • Provide resources to the chapter for event opportunities

         • Attend professional, community service, and fundraising events

         • Being a professional speaker at chapter events

         • Mentoring a collegiate brother


The Epsilon Rho Chapter is now accepting donations online. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the growth and success of our chapter. Please click the link below to  become one of our many valued donors. 


To begin to make a stronger connection, we ask that you please take a few moments to take this short survey in order to update your current contact information. This information will remain strictly confidential among the Tampa Bay Alumni chapter and the Alumni Committee of Epsilon Rho and will be used to send the alumni newsletter, information about collegiate chapter events, alumni events,etc.

I would like to personally thank you for your time and support. Please feel free to contact me, Mitch Arnold, the VP of Alumni Relations, at mitchell.arnold@spartans.ut.edu with any questions, comments, concerns, or any new ideas that would be beneficial to my efforts. I look forward to hearing from you and working together to continue to make brotherhood “not four years, for life”.